Music Sampler Released

For those of you who actually enjoy my music,

(which must be a rather small percentage),

I have recently released a sampler of some new songs I’m working on, which can be heard on Soundcloud.

They are all in varying stages of completion, hence the poor quality and unfinished tone of some of them.

But, at any rate, I hope you enjoy them, or at least a little.

They can be heard here.

A Quick Update…


I just recently purchased a NEW CAMERA!!!!!!

It’s a Canon T3i, which seems to be everybody’s first camera. (The Bolex of the 21st century…)

Anyhow, I should soon be posting some quality content on my YouTube channel, Kosmonaftis. All posts shall be announced here.

Also, another piece of good news…

I’m actually setting up a working studio space for Kosmonaftis!! It shall have a small workshop and a large animating space. So, I’m very excited about that, and I’ll be posting pictures RIGHT HERE detailing setup.

And my dearĀ father died last month.

Hope you have an excellent New Year, and I’ll be getting back to you soon(er)!

Wishing you the best of everything,


A “New” Animation Compilation!

(Cool! That rhymes!)

Anyhow, thought that you might enjoy viewing


Sorry I haven’t been posting many videos lately. Unfortunately, my studio has been anexed because I failed to keep it clean.

However, I do have a new stop-motion animation idea in mind, about mouse traps and toy cars.

I don’t know how soon I’ll start work on it, as I WOULD like to get a


prior to production, to ensure optimum image quality.

(Maybe a Canon 60D?)

Well, excuse you! You weren’t supposed to read that! Good grief, you’re nosey!